• A list of companies and institutions that have been evaluated and reviewing their accounts
    1. Crowne Plaza - Free Trade Zone
    2. Carlton Tower Hotel
    3. Mövenpick Hotel Kuwait
    4. Enezi international company structures and engineering industries
    5. Trade Centers Real Estate Company
    6. Top & Stairs Industrial Co.
  • List of some shareholding companies that the Office is in charge of their auditing
    1. Khalijia Medical Services Co.
    2. Kuwait Logistics Shipping Services Co.
    3. International Holding Co.
    4. International Foodstuff Supplies Co.
    5. Top & Stairs Industrial Co.
  • List of some companies and Establishments that the Office is in charge of their auditing
    1. Environment Development General Trading & Contracting Co.
    2. Shuwaikh Modern Kitchens Co.
    3. Abraj Al Fardous Cargo Co.
    4. Fahad Al Jassar & Sons Co.
    5. Al Nisf Cleaning Co.
    6. Al Sour Al Ali Gold & Jewelry Co.
    7. Hoboub Al Khalej Trading & Contracting Co.
    8. United Islamic Group General Trading Co.
    9. Khan Al Khalily Suq Co.
    10. Seven Seas Readymade Garments Co.
    11. Al Jabry Cement Industrial Co.
    12. Al Beit Al Khaliji General Trading & Contracting Co.
    13. Homoud Al Radwan General Trading Co.
    14. Arabian Euphrates Building Materials General Trading & Contracting Co.
    15. Al Salon Al Akhdar Pastry Co.
    16. National Factory Co. for Production of Reinforced Plastic
    17. Abdullah Saoud Al Diqqi Sanitary Tools Co.
    18. Al Rawnaq Al Akhdar Contracting & Agricultural Equipments Co.
    19. Al Islah General Trading & Contracting Co.
    20. Al Hay General Trading & Contracting Co.
    21. Ibrahim Al Nasser Al Hajeri Co.
    22. Al Hashemi United Co.
    23. Fakhr Al Kuwait Readymade Garments Co.
    24. Sun & Moon General Trading & Contracting Co.
    25. Mohammad Yaqoub Ali Mulla General Trading & Contracting Co.
    26. Info Vision General Trading & Contracting Co.
    27. Global Construction General Trading & Contracting Co.
    28. Raheel Real Estate Co.
    29. Arab Horse General Trading & Contracting Co.
    30. Ahmad Al-Rowdan Sons General Trading Co.
    31. Al Hashemi Construction Material Co.
    32. Zalzalah Agricultural Services and Contracting Co.
    33. Pan Arab General Trading & Contracting Co.
    34. Global Projects General Trading Co.
    35. Kuwait Pioneer General Trading Co.
    36. Kuwait Co. for Gardens Preparation and Maintenance
    37. Jawad & Saddiq Decoration Co.
    38. Canary Travel Co.
    39. Saqr Al Wasit Transport Co.
    40. United Investor General Trading & Contracting Co.
    41. International Horizons Trading & Contracting Co.
    42. Salmar International Group General Trading Co.
    43. Steps Group General Trading & Contracting Co.
    44. Bassam Al Mobaraki & Sons General Trading & Contracting Co.
    45. Jassim Al Mobaraki & Brothers Trading Co.
    46. Royal Garden Showroom Furniture & Furnishing Co.
    47. Al Bakr & Ibrahim Stationery & Children Toys Co.
    48. Fantasy Readymade Garments Showroom
    49. Ayam Al Rabea Readymade Garments Co.
    50. Mishref United General Trading Co.
    51. Blue Line Industrial Equipments & Spare Parts Co.
    52. Loloat Al Khatib Readymade Garments & Gifts Co.
    53. Pink Strawberry Accessories Co.
    54. Bulbul Nest Shoes & Bags Co.
    55. Atco International General Trading & Contracting Co.
    56. Gulf Safety services & Fire Protection Co.
    57. Joint Construction General Trading & Contracting Co.
    58. Five Star Building Material Co.
    59. Jadawel General Trading Co.
    60. Technical Improvements ( Tedco) Limited Co.
    61. Abdullah Bader Al Mulla General Trading & Contracting Co.
    62. Pro-line A.C. Co.
    63. Qurtuba International General Trading Co.
    64. Arabian/Spanish Center General Trading Co.
    65. Al Rashdan International Golden Jewelry Co.
    66. Shamlan & Raeessy Construction Material Co.
    67. Kuwait Mahameed Readymade Garments Co.
    68. Mahameed International Super Market Co.
    69. Al Parts General Trading & Contracting Co.
    70. Al Abdul Jaleel National General Trading Co.
    71. Allaa Translation Co.
    72. Makki International Restaurant Co.
    73. Shamlan & Raeessy General Trading Co.
    74. Kiran International General Trading & Contracting Co.
    75. Vision General Trading Co.
    76. Gulf Eastern Group General Trading & Contracting Co.
    77. Al Wefaq Vehicle Spare Parts & Electrical Contracting Co.
    78. Lovely Fashion Co.
    79. White Candles Meat Co.
    80. Practical Design Contracting & Decoration Co.
    81. Arzan General Trading & Contracting Co.
    82. First Joint Group General Trading Co.
    83. Al Homoud United General Trading & Contracting Co.
    84. Pacific Ocean General Trading & Contracting Co.
    85. Cartel General Trading & Contracting Co.
    86. Eurotec General Trading Co.
    87. International Bells General Trading Co.
    88. Dunyaa Watches Co.
    89. Sun Beache General Trading Co.
    90. Arouss Al Jazeera Cloth Co.
    91. Maren Trading Company – Under Custody
    92. Kuwait Al Fajr Al Jadeed General Trading Co.
    93. Amanco Security Co.
    94. Al Khaldiya Foodstuff Supplies Center Co.
    95. Askar & Meshaal Books Binding Co.
    96. Wahet Al Faihaa Cloth Co.
    97. E-Trade General Trading Co.
    98. Nouri Abdullah Nouri & Partners General Trading Co.
    99. Arab Goods Controllers Co.
    100. Al-Nowaisib General Trading Co.
    101. Hamad Mohammad Al-Wazan General Trading Est.
    102. Abdel Latif Abdel Karim Al-Monayes Est.
    103. Maqahwee Office Supplies Printing Press
    104. Mohamed Hasan El awady and yousef El twerish Engineering Consultant Office
    105. Abd Ellatif El aneeze Engineering Consultant Office
    106. El Sanea group for Consulting and business law
  • List of some cooperative societies and public interest associations, sports clubs, which checked by the Technical office
    1. Fintas Cooperative Society
    2. Revival of Islamic Heritage Society - 42 branches and committees
    3. Kuwaiti Artists Association
    4. Kuwaiti Scouts Associations
    5. Kuwait Society for the parents of disabled
    6. Kuwaiti Physical Therapy Association
    7. Kuwait Association for Special Studies and Research
    8. Kuwait Sports Club for the Disabled
  • In addition to the above companies, the Technical Auditing Office is in charge of auditing the accounts of more than 150 companies and establishments annually over long years. The Office employs efficient accountants with wide accounting experience for many years and disciplines.